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Classical Music Project An educational CD course that provides interesting infor-
mation pertaining to forty of the most famous classical music
composers, and enables the listener to recognize 109 of their
most familiar works. A teacher could actually impart this
knowledge by expending only 5 minutes at the beginning of
a class, ONCE a week!!! Read on below...

You MUST use Internet Explorer...7 is best... other browsers don't render correctly and will NOT work for activities...use 1024x768 resolution...or higher. Allow ActiveX scripts to run, and Microsoft add-on's to load, if asked...then you are set. NOTE: If you have dial-up, read *Important* at end of this title page.

this site as
"Classical Music Project"

Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludwig van Beethoven
Georges Bizet
 Luigi Boccherini
Alexander Borodin
 Johannes Brahms
 Fredrik Chopin
Claude Debussy
 Antonin Dvorak
Edward Elgar
Charles Francois Gounod
Fredrick Handel
Franz Joseph Haydn
Franz Liszt
Gustav Mahler
Pietro Mascagni
Jules Massenet
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdi
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Modest Mussorgsky
Jacques Offenbach
Amilcare Ponchielli
Giacomo Puccini
Sergei Rachmaninov

Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov

Camille Saint-Saens
Franz Schubert
Robert Schumann
 Jean Sibeliun
Bedrich Smetana
Johann Strauss, Jr.
Richard Strauss
Peter Illich Tchaikovsky
 Giuseppe Verdi
Antonio Vivaldi 

 Look at each picture and see which composers you recognize. Place mouse cursor over pictures to see if you were right.

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5. Course of Study
"The StageHouse"
6. Teachers 7. Music Professors  8. Parents/ HomeSchoolers
9. Private/Military Schools 10. Students/
Independent Study
11. Download Screensaver12. Ordering Info
Yes, a hearty hello to all visiting for the first time. You have come to a very special where you can acquire knowledge that will amaze yourself, as well as your friends, a place to learn and have fun, and a place where you can gain pleasure and satisfaction that will last all your life. How old do you to be to have for all this...well we humbly estimate the range to be from 9 to 90.  So, in short, the Classical Music Project is a course of study for people of all ages that provides them with interesting information about forty of the greatest classical music composers in history, and empowers them to identify 109 of these men's most familiar works. Phew, quite a feat!!! Don't take our word for it, listen to some samples on the jukebox below. There are 5 there out of the 109...all of equal quality and familiarity.

BTW, we have even included some opera in the PROJECT. Say you don't like opera...hmm, let's this video from YouTube and decide...Click on little guy coming out to perform Paul Potts: YouTube.  NOTE: Same thing goes for this video to run. You must meet the 6 criteria above to view it.

Finally...use the HomeBase menu above to guide you through the Classical Music Project. Take about an hour in doing so. You will see a blue animated arrow above telling you where to start. Read carefully all the blue backgrounded boxes along the top of the HomeBase menu to learn about the PROJECT in detail, then go to the maroon box on the second row of the menu that specifically pertains to you; such as, 6. Teacher, if a teacher, 8. Parents, if a parent, etc.  If you intend to take part in the Project, the red box, 5. Course of Study/The StageHouse, is where you will be spending all your time. We hope you have as much fun taking part in this endeavor as we have in creating it...
                                   Yours truly.
                                   Dr. Isaac Newton Brown, author
Isaac Newton Brown mug

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©2008, EdWorks, LLC
All SPARKLERS are public domain in the United States, as certified by famed Hollywood musicologist, Irwin Coster,
 and licensed from Delta Corporation. We regret the recent passing of Mr. Coster... "Save a place up there for us, Irwin."

  All classical  excerpts are provided by Delta Corporation by arrangement with Source/Q. Full versions of this repertoire are available on the Laserlight label wherever classical CD's are sold.

Special thanks goes to Marty Welker of Source/Q...who helped throughout this project...and actually made the course possible in the first place.

NOT FOR SALE EXCEPT IN UNITED STATES; NOR IN RETAIL STORES , and only to students, homeschoolers, parents of students, educators and educational libraries.

Narrator was Justin Sheehan at

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