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  Learning to Spell First Names of the Composers   

Directions: Here are the first names of the composers, with review pronunciations. If your instructor wants you to learn to spell them, tracing the words while saying the pronunciations is a good way. It’s up to him/her or yourself if you do this exercise. It doesn’t take long and as mentioned is a good review. Same  directions for printing out…find best %.


          Johann---Jo hahn Pachelbul

          Antonio---An toe nee o Vivaldi

          Johann Sebastian---Jo hahn…See bash tion…Bach

          George Fredrick---Jorge… Fred rik  Handel

          Franz Joseph---Fronz… Joe sif… Haydn

          Luigi---Lew ee gee Boccherini

          Wolfgang Amadeus---Wolf gang…Ahm a day is Mozart

          Ludwig van---Lude wig… von Beethoven

          Gioacchino---Gee ah kee no Rossini

          Franz---Fronz Schubert

          Feliz---Feel ix Mendelssohn

          Fredrik---Fred rik Chopin

          Robert---Rob urt Schumann

          Franz---Fronz Liszt

          Richard---Ree card Wagner

          Giuseppe---Gee sep aa Verdi

          Charles Francois ---Charlz… Franz wha Gounod

          Jacques---Jock Offenbach

          Bedrich---Bed rich Smetana

          Johann---Jo hahn Strauss

          Johannes---Jo hahn nis Brahms

          Alexander---Al ix an der Borodin

          Amilcare---A mee car ray Ponchielli

          Camille---Ka meal Saint-Saens

          Georges---Jorge Bizet

          Modest---Moe dest’ Mussorgsky

          Peter Illich---Pee ter…Ill ich  Tchaikovsky

          Antonin---An toe neen Dvorak

          Jules---Jewels Massenet

          Edvard---Ed vard Greig or Grieg

          Nikolai---Nick o lie Rimsky-Korsakov

          Edward---Ed werd Elgar

          Giacomo---Jock a mo Puccini

          Gustav---Goose tav Mahler

          Claude---Clawed Debussy

          Pietro---Pee eh’ throw Mascagni

          Richard---Ree Card Strauss

          Jean---Zchan Sibelius

          Sergei---Sir gay Rachmaninoff

          Maurice---More eece Ravel