In short, the Classical Music Project is a course of study for people of all ages that provides them with interesting information about forty of the greatest classical music composers in history, and empowers them to identify 109 of these men's most familiar works. It is age appropriate for elementary students, as well as adults. It additionally can be used as the basis for a course of study for elementary school teachers, college professors, and for independent learners. There is no other course like it on the web, and nothing rivals it for the amount of instructional information it contains. It can be said that people completing the course, have a survey knowledge of classical music equivalent to any typical music professor or teacher, or music history major in college.  The course, however, is not just valuable academically, but also for its entertainment value. A person completing the course, would have to buy approximately 70 classical music CD's to glean the classical music standards included. Now he/she can go out and buy just the works he/she well as impress friends as a virtual walking encyclopedia of classical music information.

First of all, the PROJECT is not a money making scheme or come-on. Recorded materials...see here...for the course are not even for sale to the general public, but instead ONLY to students, parents of students, teachers, home schoolers and educational bookstores or libraries. Recorded materials for the course are optional (though admittedly almost essential)...and if bought, are not expensive, being worth much more than their price...since they make up a course of study, not being mere sound recordings. The flat-out desire here is to spread the word that classical music is all around us...and to open the world of classical music to all...whether young or old. The classical music pieces that comprise the PROJECT actually are already very familiar to Americans by way of HEARING...because these classical music pieces are used in everyday places; such as, background music for cartoons, video games, movie themes, television programs and commercials, as well as on the telephone when put on wait, and very frequently in malls...BUT, they are not usually known by their formal names. The course is intended, therefore, to give the learner enough exposure to the pieces so as to enable him/her to finally identify them by sound, name and composer. Then, armed with this knowledge, the learner is can go out and buy full versions of the works he/she likes, or, if so inclined, to flat-out impress friends, parents, and teachers with this great knowledge. To be able to conquer all 22 "Stages" of the Project is quite an intellectual achievement.

Second of all, the PROJECT is not an indictment against Rap. We don't particularly like Rap, but the music of many
of the classical composers included in this course was considered the "Rap" music of its day. Every generation is entitled to its own music. Our kids are big fans of Rap.

SO Who is the Classical Music Project Intended For? As we have mentioned elsewhere, it is meant for anyone who wants to finally know the names and composers of the music he/she hears so often, with the age range of 9 to 90. Yes, the course is written so even 9 year olds can learn it, and everyone knows that 90 and over people appreciate classical music. Really makes no difference who you are...even the most avid Rap lover will appreciate the course.

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