Johann Sebastian Bach

Germany…considered by Goulding  greatest classical composer of all…lived 1685 to 1750
…had 20 children…called one of his students a “nanny goat bassoonist”; knife incident…also
known to throw his huge wig when perturbed.

                                   Works Featured on CD's

BachToccata and Fugue…probably 1709…Definition: Toccata, piece where musician
just touches keys, doesn’t holds them. Definition: Fugue, an elaborate form of a round or
canon based on layers of melodies or voices…very hard to explain...sorry, tried.

BachOboe Concerto in D Minor, 1731.

BachOverture Number 1 in C Major, PassepiedDefinition: Passepied, French
dance resembling a fast minuet.

BachOrchestra Suite Number 3, Second Movement…probably 1727…better known
as Air on a G String, arranged by August Wilhelm to present form in 1871…Definition: Air,
a simple tune for voice or instrument, a “melody”. 

BachMinuet in G Major…harpsichord form…part of the famous 18 piece, Anna
Magdalena Notebook
written 1725, with his children (several sons become accomplished
composers) for his relatively young second wife…music put to words by group, The Toys, in
1965…called A Lover’s Concerto, gold record…used in 1995 movie, Mr. Holland’s Opus.

BachOrchestral Suite Number 4 in D Major, named “Rejoicing” by Bach himself.