Richard Wagner

Germany…lived 1813 to 1883…great operatic composer…#4 Goulding…not nicest person,
said to be liar, a wife stealer, an anti-Semite, a wastrel, non payer of many debts, a bluffer,
challenger of men to duels and then not showing up, braggart, etc”…maybe exaggerated by
critics…music used by Hitler.

                   Works Featured on CD's

WagnerOpera, Lohengrin: Bridal Chorus…1850.

Wagner1868 opera, the Die Meistersingers von Nurnberg: The Dance of the Prentices
in English, The Master Singers of Nurenburg.

Wagnermore from Meistersinger.

WagnerOpera, The Flying Dutchman1843…based on seamen’s yarns heard on
sea voyage taken with wife, Mina, and large dog, Robber.   

WagnerOpera, Tannhauser: Overture…Definition: Overture, an instrumental piece
played before an opera or oratorio.

WagnerOpera, Tannhauser: Arrival of the Guests

WagnerOpera, The Valkyrie: Ride of the Valkyries, 1870…day two of the monumental
opera series, The Ring…used in film, Apocalypse Now…also name of mighty motorcycle
made by Honda…“Valkyries”, from Norse legend…warrior maidens, attended God, Odin;
their job was to select slain heroes and take them to Valhalla.

WagnerOpera, Tristan and Isolde.