Dr. Ashton's Rapaphobia Page
Case: Middle aged female, very accomplished...reminisces of past experiences of Classical music rapture:
..."In particular, I am a long time Wagner fan (the music, not the man). Have stood (in the "Gods") at Covent Garden through the whole of the Ring Cycle - while pregnant! And seen Parsifal in Philadelphia- as well as Die Meistersinger (can't remember where) and all the other operas. I terribly missed from the CD the Liebestod  from Tristan and Isolde. I used to listen again and again to the record of that sung by Kirsten Flagstad - unsurpassed.

...Others of my favorites are Sibelius and Richard Straus which I look forward to in #2. Also love the Mendelssohn violin concerto which was missing from #1

Diagnosis: Rapaphobia...mild
Rx: Play Jukebox
OD, Videos OD.
Attending: Dr. Isaac Newton Brown
: Classical Music Project

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