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ATTENTION: Before going any further, let us first emphatically say that you MUST be using Internet Explorer to view and take part in the Classical Music Project. Other browsers simply will not render the interactive activities contained within, nor ill they display the controls for audio files that are so integral a part of the program. So if you are using a Mac, or such browsers as Firefox, or Opera, you simply can't do the Project.  We are sorry about this, but cannot help it at this time. Luckily, Internet Explorer is part of Windows.

INTRO: The Classical Music Project is a perfect for a person looking for an independent study course in classical music that is  equivalent to a music appreciation course in college, or just for a lover of learning who feels he/she is somewhat lacking in terms of classical music knowledge, and would like, subsequently like to bring him/herself up to "snuff".  The classical music project is a intellectual challenge equal to probably any that a person will accomplish in his life, and one that anyone should surely feel proud of completing.

To best understand the
Project's scope, the FIRST thing an independent learner should do is go to the Project's home page and just spend about an hour...yes,
about a WHOLE hour... there clicking on everything in sight...and examining especially closely the red boxed menu called the Course of Study/StageHouse. This red box is where you will be directed step by step ("Stage" by "Stage") on your journey.  We ask you to do that now, and then come back here. We hope you will agree that you will receive a small education in classical music just by doing this. Go ahead, see for yourself, go there now...Click.

...later...back you saw if you clicked on the red Course of Study/StageHouse button, the Project consists of three levels comprising 22 "Stages", that an independent work can accomplish at his own discretion and pace. It's quite a mountain to climb, but worth the mighty effort. You surely won't feel like you have a lacking in the classical music part of your knowledge after reaching the summit. Here are the levels again:


The first two levels enable the independent learner to become acquainted with the 40 classical music composers  in a personal way, .i.e, their names, their appearance, interesting facts about them. At these levels the learner also gains a cursory knowledge of their most familiar works (109 of these). This is done by 1).  Listening to CD'S that should be purchased for the course, and 2). Doing the many written and interactive activities found online. Then, for LEVEL THREE the learner is led, via flashcards, PowerPoint presentations, Html interactive activities, flashcards, self-tests, etc. to a knowledge of the names and sounds of the 109 pieces themselves.  Music theory is not an objective of the Project, just knowledge and appreciation.

There are certain materials that are essential for the independent learner to have to make the journey smoother:

Independent learners need the whole course shown below. The Whole Course Set..see descriptions... consists of 6 CD's and costs $60, shipping and handling, as determined by postal rates to your area. Yes, we will even throw in the Demo it can be given it to a student, another teacher, parent of a student a homeschooler, or an educational library...general public, NO...due to our own licensing restrictions. If district buys site license (see below), it will get one set as part of package and be able to burn copies for teachers and students. We are tying every way we can to make this course be available to all students and educators.


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