A Note About Learning and Study Materials


The Classical Music Project has a massive amount of learning and study materials that range in difficulty from elementary school to adult level.  They are grouped in Stages. A person, or a teacher who is conveying this course to students, should start at the lowest stage and work his/her way up...even if they seem too easy; don't worry they will get harder. The ultimate Stage requires that the person actually be able to indentify the 109 classical pieces ("Sparklers") by name and composer...a great and mighty feat, but one that is not that hard if one has done all the other Stages first. Each Stage might have several, or even, many activities that teach the same thing. IN THIS CASE YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO EVERY ACTIVITY...just the ones your instructors think you need, or ones you decide on yourself, if doing the course as independent study. No body here says you have do all the activities, or use all the materials. So whether you be an independent learner or an instructor, pick and choose the ones you need in order to accomplish the goal of the course.

There are written, and, of course, sound activities. The written activities can be downloaded from the internet, and many of the sound activities are actually done on the internet. YOU MUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER, AS STATED SEVERAL TIMES IN ORDER TO DO MANY OF THE INTERNET ACTIVITIES. Don't try to use anything else...just won't work for such activities that are made using PowerPoint. SOMETIMES YOU WILL GET A POPUP MESSAGE ASKING YOU IF YOU WANT TO RUN THE PAGE...CLICK UP TOP WHERE IT TELLS YOU AND LET THE BLOCKED CONTENT TO RUN...the reason for the popup is because we have included on that page a sound or an animation that uses Active X in order to run. One way to avoid all these Activex problems is to just download a browser that uses the Internet Explorer engine as its base, but has built in scripts to avoid the Activex warnings. The one we actually use ourselves is Maxthon...available free at http://www.maxthon.com/. We recommend you load the Vista skin, for just a stunning visual effect.

MPORTANT NOTE: When printing from Internet Explorer, or Maxthon a person needs to get used to always viewing the document in
Print Preview first, and then choosing the correct viewing %, so that the pages print out as intended. Recommendations and reminders will always be made for each written activity...don't worry.

Go to the Teacher Vault to see a repository of ALL the PROJECT'S materials...whether you use them all or not.

There also are sound materials that can be purchased that make the course much easier to complete, and are priced right. Don't forget, these CD's are an integral part of a logically laid out course of study...not just a collection of random excerpts. There are interesting facts about the composers on the Remedy for Rap CD set, a review format of names and Sparklers on the Pure Sparkler Review CD set...and, finally the Pure Sparkler CD Set contains just music for enjoyment, and to show off one's knowledge...
to see the "STUFF" of theClassical Music Project....click here. There also is a demo disk, we give away to anyone who sends for one, and is included free for anyone buying the course set.

At each Stage you are informed about which materials you need. Jump now to Learning
: Stage Description to see what we mean...it's time to go there now anyway. If an independent studier you are ready to start the course. If you are a teacher, or parent, read all the rest of the stuff on the HomeBase menu.