This page contains CD's you can purchase for the CLASSICAL MUSIC PROJECT...ones that go along with
the various activities, and make them easier and quicker to master. These are not mere CD's, but instead
parts of an extensive course of study; i.e., they teach you something, and are thus logically arranged in a specific order. Each
serves an IMPORTANT purpose in making the user a veritable classical music "fountain of knowledge".

This disk is a free one for teachers who want to see how well the course works with their classes. It contains only 5 of the course's 40 classical composers and only 18 of the 109 pieces. Included with it is a Recognition/Evaluation sheet the teacher can use with his/her classes. On it the students note whether or not they have ever heard the pieces before, and whether they like them or not. Interesting results....and takes only five minutes at the beginning of a class, whether it be music or math...and at any level...5th grade to college. teacher should go to the Homebase Menu on the site for more instructions. Go to HomeBase now...Click here.

Cost: Zilch.
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This is a single CD that contains the same pieces as the Remedy for Rap CD set, but in different order. It actually is a self testing tool in which the "Sparklers* (that's our pet name for the pieces) are presented one at a time with a pause after each one...a time when the listener guesses its name and composer...then this information is provided by the narrator. This CD directly corresponds to learning activities on the site. Click here to go to those. If a person uses these together, he/she can actually name the the 109 pieces and composers...quite a feat, and one that any college professor of Music History/Appreciation would be proud of his/her students accomplishing. Of course, there are elementary school students who can achieve this also. Self-discipline and tenacity are the needed ingredients.

 Cost: 1 CD, $13 S&H $5

This is a 2 CD set that contains the factual part of the course. Interesting facts are narrated about the 40 great classical composers, and then their most familiar works are identified one by one, with corresponding musical excerpts of each. The children of elementary and middle schools like to have their own copies of these, and they are allowed to buy them. At higher levels, instructors usually like their students to also have their own copies, and therefore require purchase as part of course requirements. As for the name Remedy for merely represents the name of an imaginary tour around Europe in which the "patients" visit the "clinics" of 40 "rapaphobic doctors" (the classical music composers), and where they receive "potions" or medicines (the 109 most familiar pieces of these composers) to build up their "immunity" to if they really needed it. We thought it was a catchy theme, and only meant it to be fun...period. So, Rap lovers, and everyone else, please just take it that way...a fun, imaginary trip. We think you will enjoy it. You surely are going to learn a lot of classical music and interesting facts about the composers from it...and even some geography. The composers are "visited" in chronological order of their births, so the evolution of classical music can be noted. The Set also contains a 20 page booklet listing the works covered and a summary of interesting facts about the composers. Additionally, there is a recognition/evaluation sheet you can follow along with and note if you recognize each piece, and note which ones you like...downloadable here...Click.

Cost: 2 CD Set, $25....less if you buy course set..S&H $5.

Cost: 2 CD Set, $25 S&H $5

This is the Whole Course Set, 6 CD's $60, shipping and handling per set $5....yes, we will even throw in the Demo you can give it to a friend.

NOTE: Due to licensing agreements and public domain requirements, these CD's are not for sale outside the United States, or in retail stores.  Also you must be a student, a parent of a student for whom you are buying the CD's, an educator, a homeschooler, a librarian, or academic bookstore orderer. This should not give the reader the impression these are not professionally done CD's. The narrator, Justin Sheehan, is an accomplished narrator, and the CD art work, booklet, and CD disks themselves were rendered by ESP Corporation of Buffalo, New of the premier CD production companies in the United States. The music itself is licensed from Delta Corporation, of Los Angeles, California...publisher of the Laserlight line of classical music CD's. The reason for the restricted licensing is due to the desire to keep the prices of the materials as low as possible...
                                                                                      Sincerely, Dr. Isaac Newton Brown