1. Wastes time. Doesn’t start work promptly. Waits to the last minute to work. Often must be told to work. 1. Uses time well. Gets work done promptly._____
2. Does sloppy work. Doesn’t do best work possible. 2. Does neat work. Does best possible._____
3. Only wants to do as little as possible. Wants to "play first, work later". 3. Wants to learn as much as possible. Does "work first, plays later".____
4. Is not helpful to others and teacher. Disturbs others. 4. Is helpful to teacher and others.____
5. Doesn’t follow instructions. Directions must be repeated. Doesn’t learn routines... constantly has to ask what to do, and when. 5. Follows to directions. Listens to instructions. Learns routines, doesn’t have to be told what to do._____
6. Doesn’t study for tests. Lazy. 6. Studies for tests. Resourceful.____
7. Gets in trouble with teachers. Wants attention. Tries to get others in trouble also. Doesn’t correct misbehavior. 8. Stays out of trouble, and doesn’t let others get him into trouble. Follows the rules. Learns from mistakes, adjusts behavior______
8. Tries to make it hard for the teacher to teach because doesn’t really want to learn. Wants to only have fun. 8. Wants teacher to do a good job, and helps if possible. Wants to get as much out of school as possible._____
9. Makes excuse for himself, is never wrong, blame others. 9. Admits when he/she is wrong and changes behavior. _____
10. Is unorganized, never knows where anything is, and doesn’t make an effort to do the things to keep himself organized. 10. Is organized, either by nature, or does the things in order to be so.


Write down a commitment to yourself concerning what you will work until you evaluate yourself again (the teacher will give you a new sheet several times this year.) Then sign it...it's your contract with yourself:

I__________,____________, being of sound mind, and having evaluating myself as a STUDENT, have determined that I must work on the following things: A.




I commit myself to improve these things, or act as an example for others: