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Teachers need to have a whole course set...as shown below. The Whole Course Set..see descriptions... consists of 6 CD's and costs $60, shipping and handling per set $5....yes, we will even throw in the Demo disk...so it can be given it to a student, another teacher, parent of a student a homeschooler, or an educational library...general public, NO...due to our own licensing restrictions. If district buys site license (see below), it will get one set as part of package and be able to burn copies for teachers and students. We are tying every way we can to make this course be available to all students and educators.

Site licenses

Due to fact that a district might have certain students who cannot afford to buy the CD's that accompanying the Classical Music Project, we have made provision for school districts to buy site licenses that permit CD burning of such disks for those students...or for all the students if decided. A disk duplication machine would also have to be bought. There are ones on the market today that are completely automated and can even print images on the disks. One we found by using Google was http://www.discmakers.com. NOTE: There is a 22 page booklet that comes with the first disk set...the Remedy for Rap set...that you can print out by clicking here. Then you can hand it out to teachers and students as a supplement to them. If someone is a desktop publishing expert in the district, it could be made into a booklet. BTW, this book contains interesting facts about the composers and their works.

The cost of the site license depends on number of students in the district. For districts of 300 or less the cost is $500 for 3 years, for districts over 300 but less than 1000, the cost is $750 for 3 years, and for districts of over 1000 total students the cost is $1000 for 3 years.

See required agreement paperwork.. Click here. Print out the form and fax with P.O. to 716-754-2918, or send PO. with check made out to Edworks, LLC to 340 S. 3rd St. Lewiston, New York 14092


If, students, homeschoolers, parents of students, educators or educational libraries want to buy a set from us directly with the nice disk fronts and the professional produced booklet that comes with the Remedy for Rap Disk Set, then the set can order online by going here, or print out order form and send check or money order.

The professionally made disks can also be order singly. See here for price. Buy online, or use order blank.



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