Parents Page: Classical Music Project

ATTENTION: Before going any further, we must say that you MUST be using Internet Explorer to view and take part in the Classical Music Project. Other browsers simply will not render the interactive activities contained within, nor display the controls for audio files that are so an integral a part of the program. So if you are using a Mac, or such browsers as Firefox, or Opera, you simply can't use the Project.  We are sorry about this, but cannot help it at this time. Luckily, Internet Explorer is part of Windows.

Preface: We have created a series of CD courses...these are not mere CD music disks...that we call The Classical Music Project. These CD's form a music education program. tht exposes a person to intriguing facts about 40 of the greatest classical music composers in history . Really, everyone has been exposed to this medicine...but unfortunately in low and scattered television commercials, background music for movies and television shows, video games, etc., etc. It is called CLASSICAL music. Remedy for Rap (aka "The Classical Music Project") brings these scattered bits of beauty... we call them SPARKLERS...into one place...and even adds something else...interesting information concerning the "doctors" who formulated the curatives. NOTE TO PARENTS: In the "interesting facts" section concerning each composer, we have not included any material that children should not hear...yet still, all facts are interesting. This program is just as good for adults as children.