"Remedy for Rap" is the name of a 2 CD classical music tour. It comprises only one third of the disks of the entire Classical Music Project course of study. It is, specifically, one of two, double CD sets, and the one a person should start with in order to more easily accomplish the course....See it here.

We WISH though that we had never called this part of the Classical Music Project, "Remedy for Rap". Why?...because we have nothing against Rap and and rap lovers, and it might seem we do. In fact, many of the composers contained in this course were the "rappers of their day"...and besides, our own children love Rap. It's the music of their generation, and every generation has the right to its own music. Ours was Elvis and the Beatles..."Shame, shame," said our parents.

Remedy for Rap merely represents the name of an imaginary tour around Europe in which the "patients" (the participants of the Classical Music Course) visit the "clinics" of 40 "Rapaphobic doctors" (the classical music composers), and where they receive "potions" or medicines (the 109 most familiar pieces of these composers) to build up their "immunity" to Rap...as if they needed it.

We thought it was a catchy theme, and only meant it to be fun...period. So, Rap lovers, and everyone else, please just take it that way...a fun, imaginary trip. We think you will enjoy it. You surely are going to learn a lot of classical music and interesting facts about the composers...and even some geography. Oh, one more thing...words like sanations, purgatives, nostrums, etc., etc. are just fancy words for medicines. To go to next box of the HomeBase menu, Sparklers/Pure Sparklers, click here.

                                                                                                 Sincerely yours,

                                                                                                                                Dr. Isaac Newton Brown, author